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Europe Travel: Pamplona, Spain in an Afternoon — Activity Recommendations

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This is a list of activity recommendations for a day in Pamplona, Spain.

The basics

  • Pamplona, Spain
  • Travel to Pamplona from San Sebastián or after completing the roadtrip from French Basque Country
  • Stay in city center, Pamplona

Map of Locations

At-a-glance activities per day



Day 1

Plaza del Castillo
Bar Txoko
Café Iruña
Pamplona Cathedral
Museo Universidad de Navarra

Day 1: Arrive to Pamplona & walk around

Arrive to Pamplona from San Sebastián. If you get in to town after completing the French Basque Country road trip, plan to spend a night in the city.

Drop your bags off to the hotel and walk to the central square. Grab an espresso at one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite cafes. Explore the cathedral and walk across town to University Museum of Navarra.

Map of Locations

Plaza del Castillo: A cozy central square where locals hang out at all hours of the day
Bar Txoko: An Ernest Hemingway favorite spot to hang out and write.
Café Iruña: Another Ernest Hemingway favorite.
Pamplona Cathedral: A cathedral dating back to the 15th century
Museo Universidad de Navarra: This museum has been compared to the Guggenheim in terms of architectural presence. Though it’s a walk across town from Plaza del Castillo it allows you to see different parts of the city along the way.

Depart for Laguardia, Spain (Wine Country)

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