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Planning for a Trip: Email Template for Transportation Services to/from Airport

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This post provides an email template to be used when contacting your accommodation for transportation services.

Email template


I’m a guest staying at the property from <<Month, Day, Year>> through <<Month, Day, Year>>. I’d like to inquire about private transportation to/from the property.

Would you be able to assist and provide guidance on how much the transportation will cost and what options are available?

Passenger details:

  • << # of adults, kids>>
  • Carseat requested?
  • Disability considerations?
  • # of luggage pieces

Flight details:

  • Arrival: <<Airport name>>, <<Flight carrier & flight number>>, <<Departure time>>, <<Arrival date>>
  • Departure: <<Airport name>>, <<Flight carrier & flight number>>, <<Departure time>>, <<Arrival date>>

Thank you,


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