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Engaged Abroad is committed to sharing the best of travel with our readers. Here we outline country itineraries and city activity recommendations.

Country Itineraries

City Activity Recommendations

The itineraries we share with our readers were created for personal use. They are well researched, test driven in real life and realistic around time + energy + budget constraints. On average, it takes 15-30 hours to build an itinerary.

Our goal is to provide ideas as to how you might supplement your plans through our “activity recommendation” series. We’ve included detailed descriptions of the activities we list in the at-a-glance section. This is not a comprehensive list of everything that can be done in a particular city.

Many of our favorite travel memories include meeting locals, people watching, hanging out in cafes and bookstores, strolling through parks, pursuing grocery stores, jumping on public transport to different parts of the city and walking around during rush hour. By learning how locals live, work, play, move and build community, we got a better snapshot of what life looks and feels like in each of these place beyond the resorts and curated tourist experiences.

Asia Pacific

Europe: Schengen-Area

Europe: Spain

Europe: Non-Schengen-Area

Middle East

The Americas

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