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California Garden & Potager: Planning & Planting Resources for California Gardeners

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In this post we share high-quality plant selection and care resources for gardeners based in (Northern) California, United States of America.

Published July 2023 with plants to habitually update

Plant selection

Public Gardens in California

Benefits of native gardens

BooksCalifornia Native Gardening

California-Specific Flora Books

California Native Books

News Articles

Ongoing Research

  • UC Davis Living Landscape Adaptation Plan: 70-year plan that will allow us to transition the landscapes of UC Davis to a climate-ready campus

UC Master Gardens

Demonstration gardens:

What is a demonstration garden? These gardens showcase best practices for home gardeners using native California flora. There are often Master Gardener volunteers onsite to educate and answer questions.

Inspiration Videos

UCRBG California Native Plant Video Series: California Lilac

California Friendly® Garden Contest Winner 2017

Humboldt Northern Coast Native Plant Garden

CA Friendly® Gardening Solutions | Adding CA Natives to Your Garden

Swap common non-native flora with California natives

Non-Native FloraNative-California flora
NandinaOregon Grape
RhaphiolepisBush Lupines
Butterfly BushRedbud
English IvyPipevine
Spindle treeSalvia
Chinese WisteriaChaparral Chematis & native honeysuckles
LawnLippia & fescus blends

California-native perennials commonly found in gardens

Pacific Coast Iris
Western Columbine
Monkey Flower
California Fuchsia
Blue-eyed Grass
Sierra Tiger Lily
Snowy and Narrowleaf Milkweed
Red & Sulfur Buckwheat
Coral Bells
Coyote Mint

California-native annuals commonly found in gardens

Tidy Tips
Five Spot
Baby Blue Eyes
Chinese Houses
California Poppy

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