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Engaged Abroad is committed to sharing the best of travel with our readers. Here we help you plan your trip, walk through what it really costs to travel and share our high value travel tips.

Whether you’re looking to travel short or long term, we can help you plan your trip. It is through our learned experience that we implore you to think about how traveling for an extended period of time (however defined by you) may impact your life. We’re talking about everything from housing, career, dependents, finances and even the internal changes that can happen as you fundamentally change your surroundings. Our guides help you prepare.

The idea of travel might seem out of reach for many. In these series of posts, we explore what it costs to live like you do in your home country and determine what your costs might look like on the road. We share real life case studies of how much we spent on our own travels.

Adjusting how you pack can save headaches down the road. We share what it means to one bag, how we prepare for our trips and what we actually put in our bags.

Once you’re on the road, you might go through a cultural adjustment phase. We outline what that looks like, some of the highs and lows you may face during your journey, and tactics for how to work through those phases. Here we share our high value travel and safety tips here.

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