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Europe Travel: Portugal in 4 Weeks — Country Itinerary

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This is a high level overview of travel throughout Portugal over a four week period.

We will provide detailed posts about our experiences in each city, township and village over the coming months.

Countries covered in this itinerary

  • Portugal

The itinerary

Portugal City BaseNightsDay Trips
Faro3Faro, Sagres, Salema, Vila do Bispo (Praia da Cordoama), Lagos, Tavira, Herdade da Maroteira Cork Farm in Maroteira
Évora2Cromeleque dos Almendres in Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe, Monsaraz
Cascais3Atalaias, Belém, Cabo da Roca
Nazaré1Óbidos, São Martinho do Porto, Alcobaça
Fatima1Ourém, Tomar, Constancia
Coimbra3Ourém, Tomar, Serra do Buçaco, Constância, Coimbra, Redondo, Conimbriga (Roman Ruins), Aveiro

A Visit to a Cork Farm in Redondo (Alentejo Region), Portugal
Pinhão, Douro Valley2Read our guide to the Douro Valley here (includes multiple itineraries and descriptions of visits to wineries in the region)
Lamego, Douro Valley2

The journey

  • Bus from Seville, Spain to Faro, Portugal
  • Rental Car Pick Up in Faro, Portugal
  • Faro, Portugal
    • Day Trips: Sagres, Salema, Vila do Bispo (Praia da Cordoama), Lagos, Tavira
    • En route to Évora: Herdade da Maroteira Cork Farm in Maroteira
  • Évora, Portugal
    • En route to Lisbon: Cromeleque dos Almendres in Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe, Monsaraz
  • Lisbon, Portugal
    • Day Trip: Sintra, Portugal
  • Cascais, Portugal
    • En route to Peniche: Atalaias, Belém, Cabo da Roca
  • Peniche, Portugal
    • En route to Fatima: Obidos, São Martinho do Porto, Alcobaca
  • Fatima, Portugal
    • En Route to Coimbra: Ourém, Tomar, Constancia
  • Coimbra, Portugal
    • En Route to Pinhão: Ourém, Tomar, Serra do Buçaco, Constância, Coimbra, Conimbriga (Roman Ruins), Aveiro
  • Pinhão, Douro Valley, Portugal
  • Lamego, Douro Valley, Portugal
  • Rental Car Drop off in Porto
  • Porto, Portugal
    • Day trip: Gaia

Maps of locations covered

Map of Portugal, Part One – Seville, Spain to Évora, Portugal

Map of Portugal, Part TwoÉvora, Portugal to Cabo la Roca, Portugal

Map of Portugal, Part Three – Cabo la Roca, Portugal to Ourém, Portugal

Map of Portugal, Part Four – Ourém, Portugal to Pinhão, Portugal

Map of Portugal, Part Five – Pinhão, Portugal to Porto, Portugal

Travel times

  • Bus Seville to Faro, Portugal  — 3 hours, 15 minutes
  • Car Faro to Evora — 2 hours, 35 minutes
  • Car Evora to Monsaraz in Alentejo — 50 minutes
  • Car Monsaraz in Alentejo to Lisbon — 2 hours, 35 minutes
  • Car Lisbon to Belém — 27 minutes 
  • Car Belém to Setúbal — 1 hour, 5 minutes
  • Car Belém to Cascais — 30 minutes
  • Car Cascais to Sintra — 25 minutes
  • Car Cascais to Mafra — 50 minutes
  • Car Mafra to Peniche — 1 hour, 8 minutes
  • Car Peniche to Obidos — 25 minutes
  • Car Obidos to São Martinho do Porto — 29 minutes
  • Car São Martinho do Porto to Alcobaca — 25 minutes
  • CarAlcobaca to Nazare — 18 minutes
  • Car Nazare to São Pedro de Moel — 25 minutes
  • Car São Pedro de Moel to Batalha Belém to Cascais — 33 minutes
  • Car Batalha to Fatima — 26 minutes
  • Car Fatima to Ourém — 15 minutes
  • Car Ourém to Tomar  — 24 minutes
  • Car Tomar to Constância — 23 minutes
  • Car Constância to Coimbra — 1 hour, 3 minutes
  • Car Coimbra to Serra do Buçaco — 46 minutes
  • Car Serra do Buçaco to Aveiro — 58 minutes
  • Car Aveiro to Porto — 56 minutes
  • Car Porto to Pinhão, Douro Valley — 1 hour, 55 minutes
  • Car Pinhão, Douro Valley to Porto — 1 hour, 55 minutes

Mode of transport – rental car

  • Benefit: The rental car provided us freedom and flexibility to stop off at any destination of our choice. Spanish train travel can be unusually slow and does not stop at the wonderful towns, villages and day trips outside of the major cities.
  • Drawback: Cost of rental car depends on time of year and gas is expensive

Interested in exploring more of Europe? Check out our Schengen Area Europe Itinerary — 13 countries in 90 Days for ideas about where to travel.

Drop us a note in the comments with your questions and feedback about the itinerary.


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