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Europe Travel: Andalucía Spain (South Spain) in 8-9 Days — An Itinerary for a First Time Visitor

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This is a recommended itinerary for a first time visit to the Andalucia region of Spain. For visitors who are looking to move beyond major cities like Madrid and Barcelona and find the essence of Spain, Andalucia may be the answer.

Situated on the southern band of the country, this region is rich with history between the Moors and Catholics, is known as the world’s olive oil capitol, is home to flamenco, and offers gorgeous naturescapes.

This is trip filled with UNESCO Heritage Sites including the Alcázar Palace in Seville, the Historic Centre of Cordoba and the Alhambra, Generalife and Albayzín in Granada.

This itinerary assumes that travel will start and end in Seville (due to its airport with commuter flights available throughout Spain, Portugal and broader Europe) and makes use of a private rental car. There is an option to continue travels throughout Spain from Granada instead of returning back to Seville.

Countries covered in this itinerary

  • Spain


City Base


Notes & Day Trips


Day 1: Arrival to Seville, Seville Cathedral, Plaza de España
Day 2: Alcázar Palace (UNESCO World Heritage), evening flamenco show
Day 3: Barrio Santa Cruz and/or Mercado de Triana; lunch time drive to Cordoba, Spain

Notes: Make a reservation for Alcázar Palace — tickets are almost always unavailable for walk-ins
Cordoba 1

Day 1 (Trip Day 3): Arrive to Cordoba, walk through old quarter and Bodegas Campos
Day 2 (Trip Day 4): Tour the Mezquita (UNESCO World Heritage), late afternoon drive to Granada

Granada3Day 1 (Trip Day 4): Arrive to Granada, Great Mosque of Granada and sunset views at San Nicolás Viewpoint
Day 2 (Trip Day 5): Visit The Alhambra, Albayzín (UNESCO World Heritage)
Day 3 (Trip Day 6): Royal Chapel, Alcaicería (Granada’s silk market)
Day 4 (Trip Day 7): Early morning depart Granada for Seville; stop at an olive oil mill; stop at Ronda; late arrival to Seville

Notes about Granada: Make advance reservations for The Alhambra and plan to spend at least a half day touring

Notes about Finca La Torre, Málaga (Olive Oil Mill):; Guided Tours Booking
Finca la Torre’s trees have graced the region for over 2,200 years and their ethos maintains the respect of the environment and ecology focussing on organic and biodynamic theories in caring for their harvest and product. They have around 40,700 trees: 8,300 of which were planted in 1840, 26,000 planted in 2001 and 6,400 trees planted in 2019. They have four olive varieties: Arbequina, Cornicabra, Hojiblanca and Picuda. A visit here offers a full tour of the fields, the production system and tasting – you can also add on breakfast or lunch upon request.

Notes about Ronda: Ronda is a mountaintop city that dramatically overhangs a deep gorge Spain’s Malaga province
Seville1Day 1 (Trip Day 8): Evening arrival in Seville
Day 2 (Trip Day 9): Continue travels through Spain or return home the following day

Map of Andalucía Region Spain

Transport times

Mode of transport — private car

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