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Asia Travel: A Photo Journal from Shinjuku Chuo Park, Tokyo, Japan

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In this post we share photos from Shinjuku’s Chuo Park, Tokyo, Japan.

If you need a break from shopping in Shinjuku, or have just feasted at the Park Hyatt’s New York Grill and need a walk, stop through Chuo Park. This lovely space offers two children’s play areas, wild flowers, open concrete expanses for gathering and green space for sport.


  • Shinjuku Chuo Park, Shinkjuku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Address: 2-11 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo
  • Arrive by way of JR Line: Shinjuku Station

Map of Shinjuku Chuo Park

Kid Playground

Park Grounds

Senior Tai Chi Class


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