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California Homestead & Potager: Raised Cedar Garden Beds

Reading Time: 3 minutes

In this post we share our photos from our assembly of the Boldly Growing Cedar Raised Gardens Beds (4×2).

This raised bed will allow you to create a dream kitchen garden just outside your home that not only looks beautiful but is also rot-resistant due to the cedar wood. It only took us 15 minutes to assemble after reading the six-step instruction card and watching a supplementary YouTube video.

Supply list


Why did we select this product?

Selection criteria:

  • Full smooth cedar wood (no need to sand or do other prep)
  • Price is competitive with a DIY to procure, sand and stain raised beds
  • Easy to assemble without a second pair of hands + pilot holes line up
  • Weight durable – won’t crack when filled with (wet) soil
  • Aesthetically pleasing and big enough to grow a kitchen garden
  • Height is at least waist-high (for average sized people)

Layout all the supplies

Assemble piece-by-piece according to the easy-to-understand directions.

Check out Boldly Growing’s helpful YouTube video for additional guidance.

Enjoy the finished product.

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