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Travel Tips: When Travel Goes Sideways – How to Course Correct for Future Trips

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In our many years of travel we’ve experienced our fair share of travel mistakes, mishaps and disappointments.

In this post we share two areas that significantly improve travel: having a plan for transition moments & a general idea of what a day on the road entails.

One: Plan for Transition Moments


  • We consider a “transition moment” when you are shifting from one place or activity to the next. This could include transit from airport to hotel, moving from a restaurant to an activity, going from an activity to the hotel etc.
  • In these moments when travelers may be tired, restless, impatient etc. mistakes can, and do, happen.
  • Mistakes & mishaps could look like forgotten purses or baggage, overpaying for a service, selecting mediocre restaurants that are overpriced etc.


  • Anticipate what your transition moments might be in your travel day
  • Create a loose plan of attack for these moments: a quick check for everyone’s passports before leaving security, having a restaurant name in mind in case the group becomes indecisive about where to eat, having the hotel address on hand for reference in case you get lost.

—> Controlling more variables during a transition can lead to less travel-related stress

Two: Create a Light Day Plan


  • You arrive to a destination and don’t have an idea of what to do or where to go.
  • You end up sitting on your phone looking up random bloggers activity recommendations, without really knowing if that person shares your taste or same idea of what a great trip looks like.
  • You might overspend or feel like you are not making the most of your trip, assuming that laying in your hotel room is not the only thing you’d like to do while on vacation.


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