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Cost of Travel: Exercise — What Does it Cost for You to Live in Your Home Country?

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In this post we present an exercise around what it costs for you to live on a daily and monthly basis in your own country.

In this exercise, we determine how much it costs for you to live your life on a per-month, per-day basis. We focus on costs, not income or savings.


  • Fill out the spend$/month in each category below.
  • Then add up all the categories. This is your monthly spend.
  • Divide by 30 (days in a month) to calculate you per-day spend.
  • Take these figures and go to What It Costs to Travel – Short & Long Term. We explore how much it might cost for you to travel on a short-term versus long-term basis (under different spending bands).

CategoryDescriptionSpend $/ Month
HousingAccommodation — Rent, Mortgage
Property Taxes
Property Maintenance
CarCar Insurance
Car Registration
Car Service
Car Payment
TransportPasses — Metro Pass, Toll Fees etc.
HealthHealth Insurance
Pharmacy, Vitamins, Supplements
General Practitioner
Specialist Visits
Glasses, Contact Lenses
FamilyChildcare Fees
Activity Fees
EducationSchool Fees
School Debts Payments
HomeMemberships / Subscriptions — Gym, Spotify, Netflix etc.
Eating + Drinking Out
MiscellaneousAnything that has not been accounted for in previous categories
Summary$___ spend/month
/ 30 Days in a month =
$___ spend/day


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