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Travel Tip: If You Don’t Know How to Organize Your Time When Traveling, Try This.

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In this post we provide a suggestion for how to organize your trip if you don’t know how to start building your itinerary.

Tip: organize one activity & one meal for each day of the trip.

Whether you’re traveling alone, with a group of people with varied interests and tastes, or are not sure where to begin, having an activity and meal helps shape your day.

Why we recommend this approach:

  • Each day of your trip you have something to look forward to
  • Researching ahead of time gets you excited for the trip, knowledgeable about the area and creates potential for finding hidden gems along the way
  • Planning ensures that your dollars are being spent wisely on activities, experiences and food that is worth the cost (be it large or small)
  • Gets you out and about around town so you spent the entire trip in the hotel/accommodation if that is a preferred way of travel for people in your group
  • For those who prefer a more restful experience, they will be more open to joining in because they don’t feel over-scheduled or trip run by an itinerary
  • Creates spontaneity for those who like to wander about town
  • Not too overwhelming for people who are ambivalent about planning
  • At the end of the trip, you can point to specific things that you did, saw or tried

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