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Family Travel: What’s Inside Our Two-Year Old’s Busy Bag for a 14-Hour Long-Haul Flight

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In this post we share the items inside our two year old’s busy bag for a 14-hour non-stop, direct flight.

This kit was sourced from used book stores, The Dollar Store, Facebook Marketplace and Amazon.

Trip Details

  • 14 hour flight (nonstop, direct to destination)
  • Child has a dedicated seat
  • Carry-on style travel


  • Lightweight packable/washable backpack
  • Assorted sticker book (easy to peel off, slightly raised)
  • Crayolas – trying out twistable version
  • Spiral notebook (blank sheets)
  • Two paperback books (child selected from used bookstore, can be exchange with other kids when on the road)
  • Small, lightweight stuffed animal
  • Legos (larger size, free play, no specific design to create)
  • Threading/lacing string and (large) beads
  • WikkiStix (reusable molding and sculpting Sticks)

Post mortem notes:

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