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Family Travel: A (Small) Bag for Days Out

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In this post we share a bag that has become a go-to for days out.

This is for an excellent option for toddler+ aged children. The use case for this bag is for running errands, park trips, field trips etc. Note that it may not be a good fit if you still use formula or bottles.

*This post is not-sponsored. These are candid recommendations without influence.

Ditty Co. Bum Bag (Rebranded as Lanikai)

Features That We Love

  • Can fit two diapers + packet of (smaller ~80) wipes, rolled shirt and shorts/pants, snack + stuff for Mom
  • Wide enough for any kind of large phone – iPhone, Android, Samsung etc. (will not be big enough for 10 in. iPad)
  • Higher quality hardware – zippers can bed opened with one hand
  • Included key clip
  • Included changing pad
  • Can we worn as a little belt bag/crossbody bag (extender belt included)


  • You may consider using a small backpack if you plan to be out all day long and need to bring more items.
  • This may not be suitable for parents who need to carry bottles (tradeoffs will need to be made about what to carry due to space/capacity issues) or stand bottles upright to prevent leaking.

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