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Travel Preparation: Getting Ready the Night Before a Trip/Transition to the Next Location

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Whether you are packing up to go home at the end of a trip, or are moving on to the next location, get yourself organized and prepared for the following day’s travel by using this checklist.

Evening before:

  • Lay out the next day’s clothes
  • Charge all of your electronics
  • Check-in for flight/train/bus reservations
  • Download offline maps for the new location
  • Confirm flight details & luggage allowances (weight and size)
  • If possible, schedule ride share/taxi transport to airport/train/bus station
  • Confirm transport from airport/train/bus station to accommodation
  • Consolidate travel IDs and docs into an easy-to-access spot in your carry-on bag
  • Keep a laundry bag out for the night’s pajamas, socks, underwear
  • Pack up everything except for any items needed for the next morning

Day of:

  • Pack up items used in the morning
  • Check all drawers and spaces for any straggler items – confirm everything is packed
  • Check out of hotel or accommodation
  • Call ride share/taxi if it has not been prearranged

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