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Americas Travel: A Photo Journal of Santa Barbara Zoo & Botanical Gardens, California, USA

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In this post we share photos from Santa Barbara Zoo & Botanical Gardens, California, USA.

This 30 acre space overlooks the Pacific Ocean, Andree Clark Bird Refuge, and Santa Ynez Mountains and is only a few miles from downtown Santa Barbara’s State Street.

From its beginnings in 1935 as an estate with landscaped gardens, the property has transformed into a self-policed community, then a park, and now it exists in its current state as the Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens, a public space estate for children, with animals, gardens, and play areas.


Property Highlights

  • The Santa Barbara Zoo is a partner to the California Condor Recovery Program. California Condors were first listed on the Endangered Species Act in 1967 with only 22 known birds still alive. Since then, the Santa Barbara Zoo has helped multiple condors rehabilitate.
  • Giraffe feeding — additional fee
  • Sloped hill for kids to slide down
  • Train ride around property grounds — additional fee

Map of Santa Barbara Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Views from Santa Barbara Zoo & Botanical Gardens

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