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USA Travel: Sights from The Gulch, Nashville, Tennessee

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In this post we share photos from The Gulch, a once-abandoned industrial area in Nashville, that has now been transformed into a sought-after area. Stop through this area for boutique hotels, high-rise condos, murals that serve as backdrops for a future Instagram posts, specialty shops, live music venues, breweries, and diverse culinary offerings.

Map of The Gulch

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The Gulch, Nashville Favorites


  • The Thompson Hotel


  • Killebrew Coffee


  • Adele’s
  • Marsh House
  • Milk & Honey
  • Biscuit Love
  • The Gumbo Bros
  • E+ROSE Wellness Cafe


  • Parish
  • Rustler Hat Co.
  • Paddywax Candle Bar
  • Carter Vintage Guitar


  • The Wings on 11th Street
  • Google Fiber on 12th Avenue
  • 12th and Porter Mural
  • Patagonia Mural on Overton Street


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