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Packing: Preparing a Labor & Delivery Hospital Bag

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In this post we share the items to prepare for a labor & delivery experience at a hospital, for mom, dad/support person and baby.

Mom’s Bag


  • Birth plan (print a hard copy to share with obstetrician-gynecologists and nurses)
  • Preparing a Medical Plan & Document Kit Ahead of Your Travels
    • List of allergies (drugs, food etc.)
    • List of medications + doses + schedule
    • List of vitamins
    • List of dietary requirements
  • Folder to keep hospital documents + pen
  • Drivers’ license or other identification card
  • List of loved ones for dad/support person to call in case of an emergency
  • List of guests (dis)allowed to visit hospital

Clothing + Toiletries

  • Hand sanitizer + alcohol wipes + baby wipes + lotion
  • Toiletry kit with favorite toiletries
    • Dry shampoo
    • Small makeup kit
    • Makeup wipes
  • Extra change of cozy clothes x 2 + socks + shower sandals + robe
  • Nursing dress that can double as a labor & delivery dress – confirm with hospital that you can wear your own clothes during delivery; some hospitals may have guidelines for patients to follow
  • [Vaginal delivery] Pack of adult diapers or period panties x 5
  • [Vaginal delivery] Peri bottle to relieve vaginal pain when using the bathroom
  • Nursing bras x 3
  • Nipple cream
  • Going home outfit – sized to 6-9 months pregnancy weight/size (most postpartum bodies do not immediately return to pre-pregnancy form)

Electronics + Miscellaneous

  • Extra long phone charger + external battery pack
  • Headphones + ear plugs
  • Favorite snacks + reusable water bottle
  • Petty cash + change
  • Prepared baby arrival announcement written and saved

For Dad or Support Person

  • Camera or cell phone
  • Extra long phone charger + external battery pack
  • Favorite snacks + reusable water bottle
  • Face mask + hand sanitizer + alcohol wipes + lotion
  • Toiletry kit
  • [If staying during the entire hospitalization] Extra change of cozy clothes x 3 + shower sandals

For Baby

Every hospital differs around what they will provide a newborn. Confirm with your hospital and insurance provider which items you may need to bring for your child.

  • Zip up onesie x 3
  • Beanie
  • Swaddle x 2
  • Going home/first photo outfit
  • Baby wipes
  • Infant car seat

Leaving the Hospital

  • Car Seat – hospitals in the United States will not allow you to leave with baby without proof of a carseat. Ahead of your hospitalization, install the base of the seat and learn how to clip it in/out. Some fire departments provide free car seat installation checks.
  • First week home meals – ahead of your time in the hospital, have a plan for your food for the first figured out – frozen meals, fresh groceries, delivery service

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