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Packing: Preparing a Hospital Kit

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In this post we share the items to keep in a pre-packed bag that someone can grab on your behalf in the event of hospitalization.

In another post we explored preparing a medical plan & document kit ahead of one’s travels. A natural extension of this is to prepare a kit of clothing, documents and other creature-comfort items in case of a hospitalization. Corral the items listed below in a single bag that can be easily located by a support person. This allow you to focus on your treatment and recovery instead of trying to instruct someone about where to find item x,y,z.

Items for a Hospital Kit

  • Preparing a Medical Plan & Document Kit Ahead of Your Travels
    • List of allergies (drugs, food etc.)
    • List of medications + doses + schedule
    • List of vitamins
    • List of dietary requirements
    • List of dependents and their needs (children, animals — feeding time is 6AM, 1PM, 7PM etc.)
    • List of loved ones to call in case of an emergency
  • Petty cash + change
  • Folder to keep hospital documents + pen
  • Extra long phone charger + external battery pack
  • Non-perishable snacks + reusable water bottle
  • Face mask + hand sanitizer + alcohol wipes + baby wipes + lotion
  • Toiletry kit with travel size toiletries
  • Headphones + ear plugs
  • Change of cozy clothes + socks + shower sandals

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