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Europe Travel: A Non-Schengen Area Europe Itinerary — 7 countries in 31 Days

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This Europe Non-Schengen Area itinerary is meant for travelers who would like to get a broad brush look and feel of cities, townships and villages across multiple countries in Europe.

Our objective is to provide readers with a sense of what can be seen within 30 days in Non-Schengen Area Europe.

What is the Schengen Area Europe?

Notes about the itinerary

This itinerary does not cover any areas in Schengen Area countries. We cover our continuous travel in Schengen Area Europe in our post here.

This itinerary will help you maximize your travel time

Most travelers have limited time to holiday. The many obligations back home and restricted holiday schedules means that people want to get more out of their itineraries when they are on the road. Because of this, we’ve written a post about How to Structure Travel when Booking a Multi-City Trip to help maximize your time.

Our pace

The only times we felt the pace was rushed were on travel days that turned out to be longer than anticipated.

We organized departure from one city by train, only to find out that we need to make a chance to a local, slower regional train halfway through the ride. Our expected three hour train journey turned into a seven hour haul. While you can never fully control the transport schedule, we were not panicked because we had plenty of time to see the next destination, even with this twist in the schedule.

We recommend traveling in the morning – you never quite know what can happen on travel days.

There’s no right answer for how long to spend in a place — it comes down to whether you want the highlight reel or a longer, deeper look.

The locations listed below include cities, towns, villages and islands. Each is captivating for its own reasons.

Some places require a half-day of sightseeing to get an adequate sense and feel of the place. Other places like cities are places you could spend a lifetime and still not ever know beyond your own neighborhood.

We often receive questions about how long to stay in a certain location before moving on to the next. The reality is that there is no right answer because timing depends on how much interest you having in meeting locals, learning the history, seeing the sights, people watching, trying new activities, and relaxing within that particular place.

It’s really up to you.

Non-Schengen Europe Itinerary


Month of Travel


Cities Travelled




Tirana, Berat

Republic of North Macedonia



Ohrid, Bay of Bones, Saint Naum, National Park Galichica, Struga, Vevchani, Manimanl, Rajchica, Mavrovo, Mavrovo Lake, Lake Matka, Skopje








Prishtina, Prizen




Ulcinj, Kotor

Croatia + Bosnia & Herzegovina

November – December


Dubrovnik, Ston, Orebic, Korcula Island, Trogir, Sibenik; Mostar, Neum, Medjugorje, Počitelj (Bosnia & Herzegovina); Split, Trogir, Sibenik, Rakovica, Plitvice Lake

Interested in exploring more of Europe? Check out our Schengen Area Europe Itinerary — 13 countries in 90 Days for ideas about where to travel.


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