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California Homestead & Potager: Building a Floating Deck

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In this post we share a step-by-step guide to building a simple floating deck. We plan to place a child’s playhouse on top of it, as the deck will anchor the space and make the play area feel more complete.

We used The Handmade Home’s “The Handmade Hideaway” & Rose to Life’s “Easy Floating Deck” as inspiration and adapted the plans to bring this deck to fruition. This guide does not require complicated plans, tools or the help of a handyman.

Included are step-by-step directions, notes, photos and a price breakdown of what this project will cost.

Supply list


Step 1: Bring 2 2x6x8s together to create an L shape. Screw two lag screws into the joined end. Attach another 2 2x6x8 to create a second L-shape. Screw two lag screws into the joined end.

Step 2: Bring the two L-pieces together to create a box.

Step 3: Use the galvanized L-angle corner brackets to secure the corners together. Use a squaring tool to confirm that the square is squared up.

Step 4: Attach a 2x6x8 that runs down the center using a face mount hanger on each end. This will give the deck more support and also secure the top of the deck better.

Step 5: Next add add in the joists. Measure out from one end of your 2 x 6 x 8 from 4 feet, and place an “x”. There should be an “x” at the 4 foot mark. Do this at both the top and bottom. From the center of the “x” measure both right and left .75 inches and draw a line. This show you where your joist will need to go.

Step 6: Now place a 2 x 6 x 8 at that spot and screw them in. At this point, you should have a box with 1 joist in the middle.

Step 7: Place a 2x6x8 board on each side of the deck. Ensure that the boards are flush with the side.

Step 8: Drill in the remaining 2x6x8 boards across the top. Use a tool like a nail to space the boards evenly from each other. Secure on the two sides and center. We used six screws per board.

Step 9: (optional step) Sand the boards if the wood needs it.

Step 10: Stain with clear sealant x 2 coats (painted 24 hours apart). Ensure that the wood has been left to dry for some set of days ahead of staining else the wood may blacken (due to moisture getting caught and trapped).

Price of this project

Project assumes that this is a DIY and not include include the cost of labor or truck rental to bring supplies to your home.


Wood boards$5.50/board x 22 = $120
Wood screws$10.50/box
L angles$2.50/angle x 5 = $12.50
Mount hangers$5/hanger x 2 = $10
Box of nails$5/box
Clear deck sealer$21/gallon
9 blocks$0.25/block x 9 = $2.25
Sand paper$14/package of 10
Total price (inc. sanding supplies):
Total price without sanding supplies:

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