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Packing: Our Gear for 3 Weeks in SE Asia with a Toddler

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In this post we share the gear we brought with us to Southeast Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia) on a three-week trip. We are believers in the power of less-is-more when packing, even with a little one in tow.

Trip Details

  • 18 hour-long haul flight (nonstop, direct to destination)
  • Four “commuter” flights (less than five hours) during the trip
  • Carry-on style travel (some of the smaller flights have low weight restrictions where this will not be possible)
  • Weather: high 80s, low 90s Fahrenheit (mid-20s-low 30s Celsius); high humidity, occasional rain showers
  • 1/2 of the trip will be exploring cities (Singapore, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City)
  • 1/4 of the trip will be outdoors (no intensive trekking or hiking)
  • 1/4 of the trip will be on the beach
  • Accommodation: hotels, villas (with access to laundry services)
  • Laundry done once mid-way through the trip

Bags for Parent #1

This diaper tote/backpack measures 15.5 inches wide on the front and back panels x 5.5 inches on the side panels and x 14 inches tall.

This fanny pack is purpose built to hold diapers and wipes. It measures 11 inches wide in the front and back panels x 5 inches on the side panels x 5 inches tall. It also includes a baby changing pad and a belt extender. The wipes featured here are an unopened 64 wipe pack with two size 4 diapers and the fit is snug in the main pocket.

Bags for Parent #2

This backpack is purpose built for commuters who need to reduce weight on their shoulders. It has a fleece-lined laptop sleeve. The dimensions are 19.75 inches high x 12.2 inches wide x 6.75 inches deep.

Baby Specific

This travel stroller weighs around 13 pounds and can be stored overhead in a flight. The main benefit is that is does not need to be gate checked, saving us valuable time during moments of transition.

This backpack will exclusively carry diapers and wipes. Because fragrance free diapers and wipes can be tricky to find on the road, we always pack our own. Once we use up our supplies, we will fold it into itself and pack it away in our luggage, and may use it for day bags, or to bring souvenirs home.

This RideSafer travel vest is an option for toddlers weighing 30 pounds and more. It is a much more compact alternative to a carseat (and corresponding checked backpack).

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