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Planning for a Trip: Arranging Childcare While on Vacation

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This post provides guidance around arranging for childcare while on vacation.

Contact Your Accommodation for Trusted Childcare Providers

If your accommodation does not have a go-to provider, reach out to a local highly rated hotel and connect to their concierge service. They will likely have a reputable agency that provides high quality babysitters.

Contact Childcare Provider

Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Location where childcare will take place
  • Address where childcare will take place
  • 1st requested dates & time
  • 2nd requested dates & time
  • 3rd requested dates & time
  • 4th requested dates & time
  • Children details: Name, Age, Gender
  • Child care considerations:
    • Feeding expectations
    • Diapering expectations
    • Sleeping expectations
    • Disability considerations

Confirm Fee Schedule & Policies

  • Childcare provider background
    • Agency business license
    • View the provider’s licensing record
    • How do they hire babysitters
    • How do they handle communication with parents?
    • Disaster/emergency reunification plans
  • Individual child carer background
    • Background checked
    • Fingerprinted
    • CPR & First aid certified
    • Known address
    • Phone number
    • How do they handle discipline?
  • Pricing
    • Base Rate: Cost/hour for one child
    • Time minimums?
    • Gratuity included?
    • How & when to pay childcare provider
    • Holiday rates
  • Additional fees
    • Additional child(ren)
    • Midnight-8 AM (extended hours)
    • Hours that exceed an 8 hour period (United States workday)
    • Travel fee assessed to each assignment
    • Requests with less than 24 hours’ notice
    • Cancellation or schedule changes
  • Additional requirements to make the booking

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