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Packing: In-Flight Essentials for Infant

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In this post we share the items that helped ease in-flight travel with an infant.

Note that this is not a comprehensive list of all items one should pack for a flight with an infant, particularly due to the individualized nature of feeding and diapering.

Checked Items

In-Airport Items

Items in bag under the seat

Select a bag that has a zip top for easy in/out access & fits under the seat

  • Lightweight muslin blanket; serves as blanket & nursing cover
  • Nursing pillow; infant can lie flat during the flight
  • Disinfecting wipes; clean all surface areas before take-off & items that fall
  • Baby wipes; wipe baby’s face, hands throughout flight
  • Extra outfits; pack one set per ziploc bag for grab-and-go
  • Wet-dry bag for soiled clothes & items
  • Portable changing pad; all-in-one changing space, diaper & wipe holder
  • Teething items; combined teether and safe feeding tool
  • Soft activity book; machine washable
  • Diapers

Car Seat Bag Benefits

  • Car seat can be checked to destination; no longer reliant on hotel/accommodation to provide a seat
  • Lessens risk of damage to seat during transit

What to look for:

  • Fits most car seats manufactured by major brands
  • Water-resistant fabric and a lockable double zipper opening
  • Machine washable

Travel Stroller Benefits

  • Lightweight
  • Compact dimensions

What to look for:

  • Lightweight
  • Can fit in an overhead in-flight luggage compartments; avoid waiting post-flight for stroller
  • Carry strap to hang over shoulder
  • Universal car seat adaptor

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