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Ten Ideas for Mementos to Bring Home from Your Next Trip

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Below is a list of ideas about the kinds of mementos we’ve brought home from our travels that we still value today.

Across the world we’ve talked to local shopkeepers who caution that many items that used to be produced in-country are now being outsourced. Do take care in understanding where your products are being made, and where possible, support local producers.

1. Print out a few favorite photos taken along your journey.

2. Participate in a local cooking class. Purchase the class cookbook or hard-to-find spices. Note your country’s customs laws.

3. Support local creatives by purchasing paintings, drawings, sketches, photography or prints.

4. Watch how local jeweler artisans create their work and purchase a piece afterwards.

5. Attend a local reading and support the author by buying their work.

6. Attend a live music show and purchase the artist’s songs on Spotify, iTunes etc.

7. Enjoy a bottle of wine produced by a local vineyard and save the cork.

8. Save any coins at the bottom of your bag and show your kids what currency looks like from around the world.

9. Visit an animal sanctuary and make a donation that goes towards the center, employees and wildlife. Join their mailing list to keep up-to-date on how the animals are doing.

10. Purchase a scarf, pashmina, or shoes that typify local fashion.

What are your favorite mementos to pick up?


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