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How does Engaged Abroad make money?

We use affiliate marketing. We provide affiliate links in order for this site to generates revenue.  Aldea Ventures LLC dba Engaged Abroad is a participate in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program to provide a means for this site to earn advertising fees by linking products Sophia and Jon use and trust in their travels. This is a common practice on across a range of sites like blogs, magazines and newspapers. 

If you purchase a product through the affiliate link, the cost to you will be the same, regardless of whether you use the link.

Aldea Ventures LLC dba Engaged Abroad will automatically receive a small commission. Your support is sincerely appreciated and helps us continue to share the best travel tips, advice and recommendations to make our reader’s travelers that much better.

The commission received is reinvested to Aldea Ventures LLC dba Engaged Abroad in the fees to handle all web traffic, web developer fees, website themes, website framework, performance upgrades, security upgrades, plugins etc. The revenue also supports the Engaged Abroad team financially, which means they can spend their time working on this site and provide this content, to you, for free.

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